Mackenzie Rae Design was born of the desire to take the road less travelled.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree as a history major followed by a Bachelor of Administration majoring in Finance, and working in the business world for several years, I decided to pursue my passion in life.  Design.

I quit my job and enrolled in Interior Design that same week.  While studying in this four year program, I was hired for several design projects, all of which gave me valuable experience and insight:   A high-end sophisticated retail space, a farm-fresh restaurant, a warehouse district dance studio, a 2,000 square foot new- build craftsman style home - each project unique, but common to all is my role as a designer to make the pieces fit, and to fit exquisitely.

My degree in Interior Design, from the Academy of Design,  made my dream official.

My goal is to help my clients envision, and bring to life, a space that will balance function with personal style.  While my own sensibilities lean towards refined, modern, and sophisticated, I recognize the importance of working in partnership with the client to achieve an end result that is breathtaking and inspirational.